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Have you ever considered what the sum of every fan’s ‘two cents worth' is? 

URef is based on the premise that fans need a voice to express their feelings and thoughts about referee performances. URef is that voice. The company's purpose is to ensure the fans voice is heard. Underpinning URef is the philosophy that referees need assistance from fans as opposed to aimless criticism or feedback. 

URef operates with the core aim of reinventing the sports consumption process by effectively activating the voice of sports fans when it comes to the permanently hot topic of refereeing. 


URef is a World First fan engagement platform - giving Sports fans (initially English Premier League fans) the voice and stats they need to rate the referee. URef empowers fans to review and interact about referee performances and big decisions in real-time. URef provides fans with unprecedented access to valuable data rich content as well as unique referee oriented statistics - opening up commercial opportunities with media companies, wagering companies and sports rights owners.   


Since going live in January 2019, Sports fans have clearly warmed to URef. Fan receptivity has been stronger than anticipated. URef rapidly achieved 20,000+ installs and is actively used in over 135 countries. User reviews and feedback has been very strong culminating in over 150 ratings at an average of 4.5/5. 

User Testimonials

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"Perfect, I loved it. I've been wanting to do this forever!!"


Arianna Oliver

"Well designed. Has the potential to really improve the standard of Refereeing in not just the Premier league but all leagues if it continues to grow"


Jack Smithline

"Brilliant, I always wanted to rate and talk about the refs on every game thanks"


Marcus Steyn

Data Licensing & Distribution

The Industry-Leading App in Referee Data


URef sells data licensing packages and engages strategic partners in data distribution.

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URef's data properties are in high-demand from various sectors within the sports ecosystem.

URef has a plethora of unique, valuable fan-driven data and insights as well as never-before-seen statistical data sets - exclusively available for organisations to purchase.

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Our Data Clients

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