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URef Matchday 14 Review

  Best Decision of the Week: Martin Atkinson’s Red Card to Alisson in #LIVBHA  74% of Fans agreed with Atkinson’s 77th minute decision to send Alisson off for a handball outside the Box. VAR confirmed that the correct decision was made and so did the majority of Fans. Martin Atkinson’s Key Decision Accuracy improved to 50% as a result (Ranked 11th/14 of all PL Referees in terms of KDA).   

Referee of the Week: Paul Tierney #NORARS  Tierney received a 3.9/5 Match Performance Rating in this Fixture. Whilst the Rating itself isn’t too impressive, Tierney had two pivotal decisions to make during this Match - Both of which he officiated correctly in the eyes of the fans.  Tierney displayed confidence and commanded respect in this Fixture - Due to his two correct calls in this Match, his Key Decision Accuracy has now improved to 81%! Tierney is ranked 2nd out of all PL Referees when it comes to Key Decision Accuracy. Well played Mr Tierney! 

Matchday 14 Key Decision Approval Rating: 66%

8 of the 12 Key Decisions that were made in Matchday 14 were deemed correct in the eyes of the fans. 

Insight of the Week:

We Picked It! David Coote is renowned for blowing the whistle. URef predicted over 25 Fouls to be Issued in the Wolves V Sheffield Fixture - A whopping 30 Fouls were called by Coote and 6 Yellow Cards distributed.   

Bad Romance: Lee Mason & Bournemouth  Unsurprisingly, Bournemouth were defeated 3-2 away to Tottenham. Unsurprising because the man in the middle was Lee Mason… Bournemouth’s Premier League record under Mason is now: 12 Matches, 1 Win, 7 Losses, 4 Draws - 8% Win Rate. The Cherries will be praying for Paul Tierney (75% Win Rate with Tierney), next week. Spooky Stat of the Week: Jon Moss The King.. By some Margin Jon Moss is sitting pretty above all other PL Referees in terms of Key Decision Accuracy. Moss is operating at a KDA of 87%, which is 16% higher than the next best Referee, Paul Tierney (71%). 

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